• Update 11 for Version 2.11 Software

    IMPORTANT: If you are using Version 2.11 Software

    If you are using Version 2.11 of the Diagnostic System for Kohler and the displayed version number (in the lower right of the main screen) is less than 2.11.0011 there is an update to the software that should be installed to provide additional diagnostics for some engines.

    Click Here to Download this update

    Once you have installed this update, the Version Number displayed in the lower right of the screen when you start the software should say "Version 2.11.0011"

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  • Version 2.11 Released!

    Version 2.11 of the Kohler Diagnostic System has been released! This major release of the software adds support for the new ECV/ECH Series Engines that utilize the new Delphi Engine Controller.

    You can purchase the NEW version at the DSA Store. Both downloadable and CD versions are available.

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Version 2.11 is Here!

Version 2.11 of the Kohler EFI Diagnostic Software has been released!

This version includes diagnostic functions for all CV & CH EFI Engines as well as the new EFI LH, ECV and ECH Engines.

Version 2.11 Software, other accessories and replacement cables can be purchased at the DSA Store.